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My Library Updates

  • We are online!

    While CS libraries are physically CLOSED, we continue to provide access to UP Diliman electronic resources, document delivery, current awareness through our FB pages, and ask-a-librarian chat service through FB messenger and gmail accounts. Should you have any questions, requests or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime. We'll do our best to assist you. We're always here to help <3

  • CS libraries' New Digital Form
  • Borrowing and Returning of Books Guide

    Should you have any inquiries, requests and other concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime using your UP mail account.

  • Open Athens

    The UP's new remote access tool. Providing easier access to e-resources, anytime, anyplace. Access via Google Apps or MyAthens.

  • EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS)

    Here are 7 simple steps on how to access UP Diliman electronic resources off campus through EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS). EDS aims to provide fast, simple access to all of the library’s full-text content (electronic and print) in a single search box. Please let us know if you have any question or concern.

  • New! Science Direct eBooks
  • Science Direct Book Series
  • Turnitin Similarity Index Report

    Introducing one of the famous plagiarism prevention tools used by more than millions of professors, students at 15,000 institutions in 140 countries around the globe. In line with this, the CSLIB now offers a new library service. You can now request the similarity index report of your paper. Just email us at or message at our fb page (UPCSLibrary). Please provide the following details if you want to avail this new service: 1. Full name and Student/Employee number 2. Attach your research paper/manuscript

  • Wiley Digital Textbooks

    You can now have access to 7 Wiley Digital Textbooks via the library! For inquiries and and other concerns, kindly email us at or you can message us at or chat us here in our website.

  • Guidelines and assistance for Faculty and Students to access library resources

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