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Technical Services

Located at the second level of the library. It is where library materials are being processed before users can find them in our shelves. Professional librarians should experience working in this section since it requires their technical skills. Its' operation involves securing and processing of materials - receive, accession and catalog or classify the materials accordingly. A centralized technical work among our institute libraries was being observed.

Donate a Book
The library will gratefully acknowledge any offer for donation that will enhance its collection in support of teaching, learning and research. Interested parties should contact the library to discuss possible gifts of books, journals and other materials before sending them to the library. Gifts and Exchange librarian may be sent in advance about offers of such kind. However, the library may decline such offers if the subject matter is outside the scope of its collection and if they unnecessarily duplicate existing holdings.more

Grab a Book
The Library is giving away certain books and materials. Kindly visit us at the Technical Section second floor level or you may call the Gifts and Exchange Librarian for more information at (02) 981-8697 for the updated listing of books for donation.more


Technical Section