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To support and facilitate the academic and professional growth of the College of Science faculty, staff and students, the country's science community and the industry by providing a connected and dynamic library environment through the use of ICT.


The objectives of the College of Science Library are focused towards the attainment of its mission, vision and goal. These objectives are to provide the users with the best possible information support by:

1. Strengthening the collection of resource materials in the sciences;

2. Creating, acquiring and managing E-Resources to facilitate easy and convenient use of relevant scholarly information;

3. Improving the users’ services by creating a user data that will be used as a tool in the assessment and evaluation of users’ needs;

4. Ensuring that the library provides the best possible support for research and teaching by encouraging more interaction and collaboration with the students and faculty;

5. Aligning the library’s collection services and activities with the university’s priorities; and

6. Enhancing the capability of our satellite libraries to support the institute’s program of research.


In addition, the library would like to:

1. Link up with other institutions for purposes of resource sharing (referral services, interlibrary loan agreements, and document delivery services);

2. Provide consultancy services and training (seminars, hands-on, and on-the job programs) to other librarians who are starting to automate their libraries;

3. Develop appropriate user education and training packages; and

4. Conduct research and publish their findings