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College of Science Library Staff

The CS Library employs librarians, professional, and support personnel assigned in different sections of the library.


jess small

 Babaran, Jessica B.

Administrative Officer &

Special Collecting Officer

University Extension Associate II

bambi small

 Bambalan, Alfredo C.

I.T. Staff

University Research Associate II

mabini small

 Barba, Mabini C.

NIGS Library Staff

Reproduction Machine Operator II (detailed)

cez small

 Cano, Cecilia V.

Circulation Staff

University Extension Associate I

Gerry small 1

Colipapa, Gerardo F.

Supplies Officer

Administrative Assistant V

 joy small

  Cruz, Fraymon Joy P.

Librarian-In-Charge of

NIMBB Library

College Librarian I

judy small

Emano, Judy Ann M.

Librarian-In-Charge of

IM Library

Librarian I


 gean small 

Gamboa, Gean Pearl R.

Library Staff-In-Charge of

NIP Library

Administrative Assistant II

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Jonathan small

Lim, Jonathan S.

Librarian-In-Charge of

IB Library

Librarian I

lot small

Luangco, Lotea E.

Library Staff-In-Charge of

IC Library

Administrative Aide VI

joseph small

 Mendoza, Joseph M.

Head of Technical Section

& Building Administrator

College Librarian II

ehra small

 Miranda, Jeralyn R.

Library Staff-In-Charge of

IESM & MSEP Library

Administrative Assistant V

Noel small

  Moreno, Noel O.

Messengerial and Circulation Staff

Administrative Aide VI

marvic small

 NierrasMarvic C.

Head of Readers Services

Librarian I

Imo small

OronosFelicisimo E.

Circulation & Bindery Staff

Administrative Assistant I

melai small2

Sangalang, Melanie U.

Research & Extension Staff

University Research Associate I

tonet small

  Villaflor, Marie Antoinette D. 

         Head Librarian, CSLIB

            College Librarian IV



dianne small 

        Viray, Dianne Angela C.

            Acquisition Librarian

                  Librarian I


mildred small1

Yabes, Mildred S.

Librarian-In-Charge of

NIGS Library 

College Librarian II