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National Institute of Geological Sciences

New Acquisitions 2019

Igneous rocks : a classification and glossary of terms R. W. Le Maitre (editor) 2nd ed. c2004
Metamorphic rocks : a classification and glossary of terms Douglas Fettes & Jacqueline Desmons (editors)   c2011
The ore minerals under the microscope : an optical guide Bernhard Pracejus 2nd ed. c2015
Introduction to geographic information systems Kang-Tsung Chang 8th ed. c2016
Physical geology Charles C. Plummer, Diane H. Carlson & Lisa Hammersley 15th ed. c2016
Thermodynamics of natural systems: theory and applications in geochemistry and environmental science Greg Anderson 3rd ed. c2017
Engineering rock mass classification: tunnelling, foundations and landslides Bhawani Singh & R. K. Goel c2011
Geophysical data analysis: discrete inverse theory William Menke 3rd ed. c2012
Volcanic hazards, risks and disasters Paolo Papale (editor)   c2015
Volcanoes Peter Francis & Clive Oppenheimer 2nd ed. c2004
Biological oceanography : an introduction. Carol M. Lalli and Timothy R. Parsons   c1997
Case studies in oceanography and marine affairs Evelyn Brown [and five others]   c1991
Origin of igneous rocks: the isotopic evidence Gunter Faure   c2001
Seawater: its composition, properties, and behaviour Evelyn Brown [and five others] 2nd ed. c1995
Earthquake prediction with radio techniques Masashi Hayakawa   c2015
Practical handbook of earth science Jane H. Hodgkinson, Frank D. Stacey   c2018
Scientific integrity and ethics in the geosciences Linda C. Gundersen (editor)   c2018
Environmental science: a study of interrelationships Eldon D. Enger and Bradley F. Smith 15th ed. c2019
Environmental science: systems and solutions Michael L. McKinney 6th ed. c2019
Exploring earth science Stephen J. Reynolds and Julia K. Johnson 2nd ed. c2019
Exploring geology Stephen J. Reynolds 15th ed. c2019
Physical geology Charles C. Plummer, Diane H. Carlson & Lisa Hammersley 16th ed. c2019
Earth's evolving systems : the history of planet earth Ronald Martin 2nd ed. c2018
Computational statistics in the earth sciences : with applications in MATLAB Alan D. Chave   c2017
Natural hazards : earthquakes, volcanoes, and landslides Ramesh P. Singh, Darius Bartlett (editors)   c2018
Meteorology today : an introduction to weather, climate, and the environment C. Donald Ahrens and Robert Henson 12th ed. c2019
Engineering geology: principles and practice David George Price   c2010
Introduction to environmental geotechnology Hsai-Yang Fang, Ronald C. Chaney 2nd ed. c2017
Geoheritage : assessment, protection, and management Emmanuel Reynard and Jose Brilha (editors)   c2018
Mineral resources and energy : future stakes in energy transition Olivier Vidal   c2018
Introduction to geographic information systems Kang-tsung Chang 9th ed. c2016
Introducing Geomorphology : a guide to landforms and processes Adrian Harvey   c2012
Introduction to hydrogeology Johannes C. Nonner 3rd ed. c2015
Theory of plate tectonics Judith Rosales, editor   c2017
Writing for earth scientists: 52 lessons in academic publishing Stephen K. Donovan   c2017
Scientific integrity and ethics in the geosciences Linda C. Gundersen, editor   c2018
An introduction to seismology, earthquakes, and earth structure Alex Wilson (editor)   c2015
Geoethics: ethical challenges and case studies in earth sciences Max Wyss and Silvia Peppoloni, editors   c2015
Plate tectonics: a comprehensive introduction Fernando Morrison, editor   c2017
Volcanology: an introduction Easton Nicholson   c2017
Energy in the 21st century John R. Fanchi and Christopher J. Fanchi 4th ed. c2017
Assessment, restoration and reclamation of mining influenced soils Jaume Bech, Claudio Bini, Mariya A. Pashkevich (editors)   c2017