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National Institute of Geological Sciences

New Acquisitions 2020

Practical engineering geology. Applied Geotechnics Steve Hencher Vol. 4 c2012
Structural geology algorithms: vectors and tensors Richard W. Allmendinger, Nestor Cardozo and Donald M. Fisher c2012
Volcanic and igneous plumbing systems: understanding magma transport, storage, and evolution in the earth's crust Steffi Burchardt, editor   c2018
Atlas of structural geological interpretation from seismic images Achyuta Ayan Misra, Soumyajit Mukherjee, editors   c2018
Integrated imaging of the earth: theory and applications Max Moorkamp [and three others] editors   c2016
Radiogenic isotope geology Alan P. Dickin 3rd ed. c2018
Environmental geology James S. Reichard 3rd ed. c2018
Understanding geology through maps Graham Borradaile   c2014
Rock slope engineering: civil applications Duncan C. Wyllie 5th ed. c2018
Global volcanic hazards and risk Susan C. Loughlin, editors [and four others]   c2015
Modeling volcanic processes: the physics and mathematics of volcanism Sarah A. Fagents, Tracy K.P. Gregg and Rosaly M. C. Lopes, editors   c2013
Applications and investigations in Earth Science Edward J. Tarbuck and Frederick K. Lutgens 9th ed. c2019
Complete atlas of the world cartographic editor, Tony Chambers [and six others] 3rd ed. c2016
Monitoring and mitigation of volcano hazards Roberto Scarpa and Robert I. Tilling, editors   c1996
Large igneous provinces. Richard E. Ernst   c2014