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National Institute of Geological Sciences

New Acquisitions 2018

Petrology: the study of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks Loren A. Raymond 2nd c2002
Lexicon of Philippine stratigraphy Rolando E. Peña   c2008
Invertebrate fossils Raymond C. Moore, Cecil G. Lalicker & Alfred G. Fischer   c1952
Elements of micropalaeontology: microfossils, their geological and palaeobiological applications Gerard Bignot   c1985
Optical mineralogy Paul F. Kerr 4th c1977
Manual of mineralogy: (after James D. Dana) Cornelis Klein & Cornelius Searle Hurlbut   c1999
The techniques of modern structural geology. Vol. 2, Folds and fractures John G. Ramsay & Martini I. Huber   c1987
Principles of sedimentology and stratigraphy Sam Boggs, Jr. 5th c2011
An Introduction of igneous and metamorphic petrology John D. Winter 2nd c2010
Isotopes: principles and applications Gunter Faure & Teresa M. Mensing 3rd c2009
Isotopic analysis: fundamentals and applications using ICP-MS Frank Vanhaecke, Patrick Degryse (editors)   c2012
Atlas of structural geology Soumyajit Mukherjee   c2015
Environmental science: sustaining your world G. Tyler Miller & Scott E. Spoolman   c2017
Structural geology Shima Rahmati Kamel, Mahmood Almasian, et al. (contributors)   c2016
Paleoclimatology Patrick D. Danley, Martin Husemann et al. (contributors)   c2016
Sedimentology Yasuto Itoh, Machiko Tamaki et al. (contributors)   c2016
Geological field techniques Angela L. Coe (editor)   c2010
The geology of ore deposits John M. Guilbert & Charles F. Park, Jr.   c2007
Dynamic earth: an introduction to physical geology Eric H. Christiansen & W. Kenneth Hamblin   c2015
Environmental geology today Robert L. McConnell & Daniel C. Abel   c2015
Historical geology: evolution of earth and life through time Reed Wicander & James S. Monroe 7th c2013
Physical geology Charles C. Plummer, Diane H. Carlson & Lisa Hammersley 15th c2016
Structural geology Haakon Fossen 2nd c2016
Minerals: their constitution and origin Hans-Rudolf Wenk & Andrey Bulakh 2nd c2016
Acid earth: the global threat of acid pollution John McCormick   c2009
Geologic fundamentals of geothermal energy David R. Boden   c2017
Natural hazard uncertainty assessment: modeling and decision support Karin Riley, Peter Webley & Matthew Thompson (editors)   c2017
Remote sensing of water resources, disasters, and urban studies Prasad S. Thenkabail (editor)   c2016