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Institute of Biology

New Acquisitions 2019

Aging : exploring a complex phenomenon Shamim I. Ahmad (editor)   c2018
Evolutionary parasitology : the integrated study of infections, immunology, ecology, and genetics Paul Schmid-Hempel   c2014
Fields virology. Vol. 1 Bernard N. Fields & David Mahan Knipe 6th ed. c2013
Fields virology. Vol. 2 Bernard N. Fields & David Mahan Knipe 6th ed. c2013
Integrated principles of zoology Cleveland P. Hickman, Jr. [and four others] 17th ed. c2017
Elements of ecology Thomas M. Smith & Robert Leo Smith 9th ed. c2015
Biological control : ecology and applications George E. Heimpel & Nicholas J. Mills c2017
From matter to life : information and causality Sara Imari Walker, Paul C. W. Davies & George F. R. Ellis (editors)   c2017
Textbook of protistology D. R. Khanna   c2010
Reproductive and developmental toxicology Ramesh C. Gupta 2nd ed. c2017
Across the bridge: understanding the origin of the vertebrates Henry Gee   c2018
Before the backbone: views on the origin of the vertebrates Henry Gee   c1996
Biomapping indigenous peoples: towards an understanding of the issues Susanne Berthier-Foglar, Sheila Collingwood-Whittick & Sandrine Tolazzi (editors)   c1986
Cell biology Thomas D. Pollard [and three others] 3rd ed. c2008
Exploring bioinformatics : a project-based approch Caroline St. Clair, Jonathan E. Visick 2nd ed. c2015
Forensic evidence management : from the crime scene to the courtroom Ashraf Mozayani and Casie Parish Fisher (editors)   c2018
Forensic toxicology : mechanisms and pathology Robert H. Powers, Dorothy E. Dean   c2016
The global practice of forensic science Douglas H. Ubelaker (editor)   c2015
Learning statistics using R Randall E. Schumacker   c2015
Molecular population genetics Matthew W. Han   c2019
Principles of evolutionary genetics Roger Greer   c2018