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Institute of Biology

New Acquisitions 2019

Aging : exploring a complex phenomenon Shamim I. Ahmad (editor)   c2018
Evolutionary parasitology : the integrated study of infections, immunology, ecology, and genetics Paul Schmid-Hempel   c2014
Fields virology. Vol. 1 Bernard N. Fields & David Mahan Knipe 6th ed. c2013
Fields virology. Vol. 2 Bernard N. Fields & David Mahan Knipe 6th ed. c2013
Integrated principles of zoology Cleveland P. Hickman, Jr. [and four others] 17th ed. c2017
Elements of ecology Thomas M. Smith & Robert Leo Smith 9th ed. c2015
Biological control : ecology and applications George E. Heimpel & Nicholas J. Mills c2017
From matter to life : information and causality Sara Imari Walker, Paul C. W. Davies & George F. R. Ellis (editors)   c2017
Textbook of protistology D. R. Khanna   c2010
Reproductive and developmental toxicology Ramesh C. Gupta 2nd ed. c2017
Across the bridge: understanding the origin of the vertebrates Henry Gee   c2018
Before the backbone: views on the origin of the vertebrates Henry Gee   c1996
Biomapping indigenous peoples: towards an understanding of the issues Susanne Berthier-Foglar, Sheila Collingwood-Whittick & Sandrine Tolazzi (editors)   c1986
Cell biology Thomas D. Pollard [and three others] 3rd ed. c2008
Exploring bioinformatics : a project-based approch Caroline St. Clair, Jonathan E. Visick 2nd ed. c2015
Forensic evidence management : from the crime scene to the courtroom Ashraf Mozayani and Casie Parish Fisher (editors)   c2018
Forensic toxicology : mechanisms and pathology Robert H. Powers, Dorothy E. Dean   c2016
The global practice of forensic science Douglas H. Ubelaker (editor)   c2015
Learning statistics using R Randall E. Schumacker   c2015
Molecular population genetics Matthew W. Han   c2019
Principles of evolutionary genetics Roger Greer   c2018
Nester's microbiology : a human perspective Denise G. Anderson [and three others] 9th ed. c2019
The book of shells : a lifesize guide to identifying and classifying six hundred shells M. G. Harasewych & Fabio Moretzsohn   c2017
Ecology William D. Bowman, Sally D. Hacker and Michael L. Cain 4th ed. c2018
Ecology: evolution, application, integration David T. Krohne 2nd ed. c2018
Evolution Douglas J. Futuyma and Mark Kirkpatrick 4th ed. c2017
The biology of cancer Robert A. Weinberg 2nd ed. c2014
Biology : today and tomorrow Cecie Starr, Christine A. Evers, Lisa Starr 5th ed. c2016
Fundamentals of microbiology Jeffrey C. Pommerville 11th ed. c2018
Stern's introductory plant biology James E. Bidlack, Shelley H. Jansky 14th ed. c2018
Botany : an introduction to plant biology James D. Mauseth 6th ed. c2017
Understanding biology Kenneth A. Mason [and four others] 2nd ed. c2018
Biology Sylvia S. Mader, Michael Windelspecht 13th ed. c2019
Biology : concepts and investigations Marielle Hoefnagels 4th ed. c2018
Ecology : concepts & applications Manuel C. Molles Jr., Anna A. Sher 8th ed. c2019
Fossil fungi Thomas N. Taylor, Michael Krings, Edith L. Taylor   c2015
Biology : the unity and diversity of life Cecie Starr [and three others] 15th ed. c2019
Prescott's microbiology Joanne M. Willey, Linda M. Sherwood, Christopher J. Woolverton 10th ed. c2017
Genetics : analysis & principles Robert J. Brooker 6th ed. c2018