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Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology

New Acquisitions 2017

Hydrology: a science of nature André Musy & Christophe Higy c2011
An introduction to ocean remote sensing Seelye Martin 2nd c2014
Environmental communication and the public sphere Robert Cox & Phaedra C. Pezzullo 4th c2016
Environmental conflict management Tracylee Clarke &Tarla Rai Peterson c2016
Quantitative ecology: measurement, models, and scaling David C. Schneider 2nd c2009
Marine ecology: concepts and applications Martin Speight & Peter Henderson   c2010
Biometry: the principles and practice of statistics in biological research Robert R. Sokal & F. James Rohlf 4th c2012
Experimental design and data analysis for biologists Gerry P. Quinn & Michael P. Keough   c2002
Fluid mechanics Robert A. Granger   c1995
Atmospheric science: an introductory survey John M. Wallace & Peter V. Hobbs 2nd c2006