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Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology

      New Acquisitions 2018

Factor separation in the atmosphere: applications and future prospects Pinhas Alpert & Tatiana Sholokhman (editors)   c2011
An introduction to the meteorology and climate of the tropics J. F. P. Galvin   c2016
Hazards, risks, and disasters in society Andrew E. Collins[and three others] (editors)   c2015
Hydrometeorology Christopher G. Collier   c2016
Oceanography: an invitation to marine science Tom Garrison & Robert Ellis 9th c2016
The consequences of global disasters Anthony Elliott & Eric L. Hsu (editors)   c2016
Water worlds: human geographies of the ocean Jon Anderson & Kimberley Peters (editors)   c2014
Meteorology today: an introduction to weather, climate, and the environment C. Donald Ahrens & Robert Henson 11th c2016
Fluid mechanics Robert A. Granger   c1995
Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater E.W. Rice, R.B. Baird & A.D. Eaton (editors) 23rd c2017
Environmental issues & solutions: a modular approach Norman Myers & Scott E. Spoolman c2014
Remote sensing in land and water Noah Bandelow (editor)   c2015
Atmospheric chemistry and physics: from air pollution to climate change John H. Seinfeld & Spyros N. Pandis 3rd c2016