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Institute of Mathematics

New Acquisitions 2019

Mathematics for physicists Huaiyu Wang   c2017
Stats : data and models Richard D. De Veaux, Paul F. Velleman & David E. Bock 4th ed. c2016
Discrete mathematics Richard Johnsonbaugh 8th ed. c2018
Discovering group theory : a transition to advanced mathematics Tony Barnard & Hugh Neill   c2017
Introduction to computation and modeling for differential equations Lennart Edsberg 2nd ed. c2016
Exploring geometry Michael Hvidsten 2nd ed. c2017
Methods for partial differential equations: qualitative properties of solutions, phase space analysis, semilinear models Marcelo R. Ebert & Michael Reissig   c2018
An invitation to applied mathematics: differential equations, modeling, and computation Carmen Chicone   c2017
2D and 3D image analysis by moments Jan Flusser, Tomas Suk and Barbara Zitova   c2017
Abstract methods in information theory Yuichiro Kakihara 2nd ed. c2016
Differential geometry of curves & surfaces. Revised & Updated Manfredo P. Do Carmo 2nd ed. c2016
Discrete mathematics with graph theory Edgar G. Goodaire, Michael M. Parmenter 3rd ed. c2018
Elementary number theory with programming Marty Lewinter, Jeanine Meyer   c2016
Functions of a complex variable Hemant Kumar Pathak, Ravi P. Agarwal, Yeol Je Cho   c2016
Making and breaking mathematical sense : histories and philosophies of mathematical practice Roi Wagner   c2017
Principles of fourier analysis Kenneth B. Howell 2nd ed. c2017
Real analysis and foundations Steven G. Krantz 4th ed. c2017
Tensor calculus for physics : a concise guide Dwight E. Neuenschwander   c2015
Calculus : early transcendentals James Stewart 8th ed. c2016
Discrete structures, logic, and computability James L. Hein 4th ed. c2017
Stochastic processes : from applications to theory Pierre Del Moral, Spiridon Penev   c2017
Asymptotic differential algebra and model theory of transseries Matthias Aschenbrenner, Lou van den Dries, Joris van der Hoeven   c2017
CRC Standard mathematical tables and formulas Dan Zwillinger (editor) 33rd ed. c2018
A first course in the finite element method Daryl L. Logan 6th ed. c2017
Mathematics for physicists Huaiyu Wang   c2017
MATLAB : apractical introduction to programming and problem solving Stormy Attaway 4th ed. c2017
Mathematical analysis and applications: selected topics MIchael Ruzhansky, Hemen Dutta, Ravi P. Agarwal, editors   c2018
Differential geometry of curves and surfaces Masaaki Umehara, Kotaro Yamada   c2015
Groups , languages and automata Derek F. Holt, Sara Rees, Claas E. Rover   c2017
Stochastic differential equations: an introduction woth applications in population dynamics modeling Michael J. Panik   c2017
Techniques of functional analysis for differential and integral equations Paul Sacks   c2017
The beauty of numbers in nature: mathematicsl patterns and principles from the natural world Ian Stewart   c2017
A friendly approach to functional analysis Amol Sasane   c2017
Analysis and mathematical physics Shaun Bullett, Tom Fearn, Frank Smith (editors)   c2017
Applied mathematics for the analysis of biomedical data : models, methods, and MATLAB Peter J. Costa   c2017
Robust correlation : theory and applications Georgy L. Shevlyakov, Hannu Oja   c2016
A concrete introduction to real analysis Robert Carlson 2nd ed. c2018
Solving problems in geometry : insights and strategies Kim Hoo Hang, Haibin Wang   c2017
A beginner's further guide to mathematical logic Raymond Smullyan   c2017
An introduction to proof through real analysis Daniel J. Madden and Jason A. Aubrey   c2017
Geometry of convex sets L. E. Leonard and J. E. Lewis   c2016
Lectures, problems and solutions for ordinary differential equations Yuefan Deng 2nd ed. c2018
Philosophy of mathematics Oystein Linnebo   c2017
Computer-hardware evaluation of mathematical functions Amos Omondi   c2016
Inequalities in analysis and probability Odile Pons 2nd ed. c2017
Probability and expectation Zun Shan   c2016
Solution techniques for elementary partial differential equations Christian Constanda 3rd ed. c2016
Problems and solutions in differential geometry, lie series, differential forms, relativity and applications Willi-Hans Steeb   c2018
The story of numbers Asok Kumar Mallik   c2018
Measures, integrals and martingales Rene L. Schilling 2nd ed. c2017
Simplicity theory Byunghan Kim   c2014
An introduction to harmonic analysis Yitzhak Katznelson 3rd ed. c2004
Lectures on quantum groups Pavel Etingof and Olivier Schiffmann 2nd ed. c2010
Numerical optimization Jorge Nocedal and Stephen J. Wright 2nd ed. c2006
Options, futures, and other derivatives John C. Hull 10th ed. c2018
Trigonometric series. Volume 1 & 2 combined A. Zygmund 3rd ed. c2003
Differential equations : an introduction to basic concepts, results and applications Ioan I. Vrabie 3rd ed. c2016
A conversational introduction to algebraic number theory: arithmetic beyond z Paul Pollack   c2017
Algebraic number theory Frazer Jarvis   c2014
An introduction to algebraic number theory Takashi Ono   c1990
Classical and multilinear harmonic analysis. Volume 1 Camil Muscalu and Wilhelm Schlag   c2016
Lectures on the Mordell-Weil theorem Jean-Pierre Serre   c1989
Discrete problems in nature inspired algorithms Anupam Shukla, Ritu Tiwari   c2018
Logic as a tool : a guide to formal logical reasoning Valentin Goranko   c2016
Reinsurance: actuarial and statistical aspects Hansjorg Albrecher, Jan Beirlant and Jozef L. Teugels   c2017
Aperiodic order. Volume 2: crystallography and almost periodicity Michael Baake and Uwe Grimm, editors   c2017
Lectures on elliptic curves J.W.S. Cassels   c1995
Classical fourier analysis Loukas Grafakos 2nd ed. c2010
Elliptic curves, modular forms, and Fermat's last theorem John H. Coates and Shing-Tung Yau, editors 2nd ed. c2010
Elliptic curves Anthony W. Knapp   c1992
Predictive modeling applications in actuarial science: volume 1: predictive modeling techniques Edward W. Frees, Richard A. Derrig and Glenn Meyers, editors   c2014
Rational points on elliptic curves Joseph H. Silverman and John T. Tate 2nd ed. c2015
The arithmetic of elliptic curves Joseph H. Silverman 2nd ed. c2010
Differential geometry: curves--surfaces--manifolds Wolfgang Kuhnel 3rd ed. c2015
Introductory topology: exercises and solutions Mohammed Hichem Mortad 2nd ed. c2017
Matrix groups for undergraduates Kristopher Tapp 2nd ed. Vol. 79 c2016
Ordinary and partial differential equations for the beginner Laszlo Szekelyhidi   c2016
A first course in mathematical logic and set theory Michael L. O'Leary   c2016
Actuarial statictics with R: theory and case studies Goujan Gan and Emiliano Valdez   c2018
Introduction to the theory of statistics Alexander Mood, Franklin Graybill and Duane Boes 3rd ed. c1974
Introduction to mathematical portfolio theory Mark S. Joshi and Jane M. Paterson   c2013
Introductory time series with R Paul S.P. Cowpertwait and Andrew V. Metcalfe   c2009
An introduction to mathematical biology Linda J.S. Allen   c2007
Applied regression analysis and generalized linear models John Fox 3rd ed. c2016
Fourier analysis T.W. Korner   c2004
Fourier analysis: part 1 theory Adrian Constantin   c2016
Insurance risk and ruin David C.M. Dickson 2nd ed. c2017