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Institute of Mathematics

New Acquisitions 2018

Computational analysis of biochemical systems: a practical guide for biochemists and molecular biologists Eberhard O. Voit   c2000
Automatic sequences: theory, applications, generalizations Jean-Paul Allouche & Jeffrey Shallit   c2003
Fundamentals of error-correcting codes W. Cary Huffman & Vera Pless   c2010
Variational methods in image processing Luminita A. Vese & Carole Le Guyader   c2016
Combinatorial group theory: presentations of groups in terms of generators and relations Wilhelm Magnus, Abraham Karrass, Donald Solitar 2nd c2004
Groups acting on graphs Warren Dicks & M.J. Dunwoody   c2010
Groups, graphs, and trees: an introduction to the geometry of infinite groups John Meier   c2008
Trees Jean-Pierre Serre   c2003
Elements of automata theory Jacques Sakarovitch   c2009
Operations research: an introduction Hamdy A. Taha 10th c2017
Introduction to operations research Frederick S. Hillier & Gerald J. Lieberman 10th c2015
Coding theory: a first course San Ling & Chaoping Xing   c2004
Commutation relations, normal ordering, and Stirling numbers Toufik Mansour and Matthias Schork   c2016
Complex variables Stephen D. Fisher 2nd c1999
Convex analysis and minimization algorithms II: advanced theory and bundle methods Jean-Baptiste Hiriart-Urruty & Claude Lemarechal   c1993
Convex analysis and minimization algorithms I: fundamentals Jean-Baptiste Hiriart-Urruty & Claude Lemarechal   c1993
Convex analysis in general vector spaces Constantin Zalinescu   c2002
Galois Theories Francis Borceux & George Janelidze   c2001
Noncommutative geometry & particle physics Walter D. van Suijlekom   c2014
Quantitative ecology: measurement, models, and scaling David C. Schneider 2nd c2009
Supersymmetry and noncommutative geometry Wim Beenakker, Thijs Van Den Broek, Walter Van Suijlekom   c2016
The theory of error-correcting codes F.J. MacWilliams & N.J.A. Sloane   c2006
The theory of interest Stephen G. Kellison 3rd c2009
Lectures on the geometry of quantization. vol. 8 Sean Bates & Alan Weinstein   c1997
Topics in contemporary mathematical physics Kai S. Lam 2nd c2016
Discrete q-distributions Charalambos A. Charalambides   c2016
Discrete mathematics : an open introduction Oscar Levin 2nd c2016
Discrete fourier and wavelet transforms: an introduction through linear algebra with applications to signal processing Roe W. Goodman   c2016
Differential sheaves and connections: a natural approach to physical geometry. vol.18 Anastasios Mallios & Elias Zafiris   c2016
Differential geometry from a singularity theory viewpoint Shyuichi Izumiya [and three others]   c2016
Convergence foundations of topology Szymon Dolecki & Fre?de?ric Mynard   c2016
Functional analysis: entering hilbert space Vagn Lundsgaard Hansen 2nd c2016
Galois' theory of algebraic equations Jean-Pierre Tignol 2nd c2016
A participatory approach to modern geometry Jay Kappraff   c2015
Solution techniques for elementary partial differential equations Christian Constanda 3rd c2016
The probabilistic method Noga Alon & Joel H. Spencer 4th c2016
An introduction to applied matrix analysis Xiao-Qing Jin & Seak-Weng Vong   c2016
A sequential introduction to real analysis J. M. Speight   c2016
Linear algebra as an introduction to abstract mathematics Bruno Nachtergaele, Anne Schilling & Isaiah Lankham   c2016
Matrices: algebra, analysis, and applications Shmuel Friedland   c2016
Methods and techniques for proving inequalities Yong Su & Bin Xiong   c2016
Project origami: activities for exploring mathematics Thomas Hull 2nd c2013
Algebra, logic, and combinatorics Shaun Bullett, Tom Fearn & Frank Smith (editors)   c2016
Geometry of the generalized geodesic flow and inverse spectral problems Vesselin M. Petkov & Luchezar N. Stoyanov 2nd c2017
Numerical differential equations: theory and technique, ode methods, finite differences, finite elements and collocation John Loustau   c2016
Numerical methods for ordinary differential equations J. C. Butcher 3rd c2016
The book of numbers Tianxin Cai   c2017
The fascinating world of graph theory. Arthur Benjamin, Gary Chartrand & Ping Zhang   c2015
A Basis theory primer Christopher Heil   c2011
An introduction to frames and riesz bases Ole Christensen 2nd c2016
Mirror Symmetry Kentaro Hori [and seven others]   c2003
Quantum Gravity Carlo Rovelli   c2010