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Institute of Mathematics

New Acquisitions 2017

Introduction to the theory of error-correcting codes Vera Pless 3rd c1998
Computational analysis of biochemical systems: a practical guide for biochemists and molecular biologists Eberhard O. Voit c2000
Density-functional theory of atoms and molecules Robert G. Parr & Weitao Yang c1989
The theory of interest Stephen G. Kellison 2nd c1991
The theory of error correcting codes F. J. MacWilliams & N. J. A. Sloane c2003
Operations research: an introduction Hamdy A. Taha 8th c2007
The theory of interest Stephen G. Kellison 3rd c2009
Fundamentals of error-correcting codes W. Cary Huffman & Vera Pless c2003
Introduction to operations research Frederick S. Hillier & Gerald J. Lieberman 9th c2010
Convex analysis R. Tyrrell Rockafellar c1970
A course in modern geometries Judith N. Cederberg 2nd c2001
Combinatorics of finite geometries Lynn Margaret Batten 2nd c1997
Advanced linear algebra Nicholas Loehr c2014
Introduction to computational linear algebra Nabil Nassif, Jocelyne Erhel & Bernard Philippe c2015
Introduction to probability Joseph K. Blitzstein & Jessica Hwang c2015
Applied differential equations: the primary course Vladimir A. Dobrushkin c2015
A first course in optimization Charles L. Byrne c2015
MATLAB differential and integral calculus César Pérez López c2014
Understanding geometric algebra: hamilton, grassmann, and clifford for computer vision and graphics Kenichi Kanatani c2015
Probability and stochastic processes Ionut Florescu c2015
Introduction to the calculus of variations Bernard Dacorogna 3rd c2015
Abstract algebra : an interactive approach William Paulsen 2nd c2016
Automatic sequences: theory, applications, generalizations Jean-Paul Allouche & Jeffrey Shallit c2003
Combinatorial group theory : presentations of groups in terms of generators and relations Wilhelm Magnus, Abraham Karrass & Donald Solitar 2nd c1976
Elements of Automata Theory Jacques Sakarovitch c2009
Fundamentals of error-correcting codes W. Cary Huffman & Vera Pless c2010
Fundamentals of matrix computations David S. Watkins 3rd c2010
Groups acting on graphs Warren Dicks & M.J. Dunwoody c2010
Groups, graphs, and trees: an introduction to the geometry of infinite groups John Meier c2008
Trees Jean-Pierre Serre c2003
Variational methods in image processing Luminita A. Vese & Carole Le Guyader c2016
Convex analysis and monotone operator theory in hilbert spaces Heinz H. Bauschke & Patrick L. Combettes 2nd c2017