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National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

New Acquisitions 2019

From genes to genomes: concepts and applications of DNA technology Jeremy W. Dale, Malcolm von Schantz & Nick Plant 3rd ed. c2011
How to write and publish a scientific paper Barbara Gastel & Robert A. Day 8th ed. c2016
Molecular biology and biotechnology Ralph Rapley & David Whitehouse (editors) 6th ed. c2015
Biotechnology: concepts, tools and applications Joy Adam   c2016
Molecular plant breeding Yunbi Xu   c2012
Animal physiology Richard W. Hill, Gordon A. Wyse & Margaret Anderson 4th ed. c2016
Genetics of complex human diseases: a laboratory manual Ammar Al-Chalabi & Laura Almasy (editors)   c2009
Ggplot2: elegrant graphics for data analysis Hadley Wickham 2nd ed. c2016
Human molecular genetics T. Strachan 5th ed. c2019
Computational methods with applications in bioinformatics analysis Jeffrey J.P. Tsai, Ka Lok Ng editors c2017
Synthetic biology handbook Darren N. Nesbeth   c2016
Gene cloning and DNA analysis: an introduction T. A Brown 7th ed. c2016
Preservation of cells: a practical manual Allison Hubel   c2018
Fundamentals of microbiome science Angela E. Douglas   c2018
Biotechnology for biofuel production and optimization Carrie A. Eckert, Cong T. Trinh (editors)   c2016
Bioethics : a philosophical introduction Stephen Holland 2nd ed. c2017
Getting science wrong : why the philosophy of science matters Paul Dicken   c2018
Pioneers in microbiology : the human side of science King-Thom Chung and Jong-Kang Liu   c2018
The evolution of molecular biology : the search for the secrets of life Kensal E. van Holde and Jordanka Zlatanova   c2018
Molecular plant pathology M. Dickenson   c2003
Beginners guide to bioinformatics for high throughput sequencing Eric Lee and T W Tan   c2019
Bioinformatics: a practical handbook of next generation sequencing and its applications Lloyd Low and Martti Tammi, editors   c2017
Microbial biomass: a paradigm shift in terrestial biogeochemistry Kevin R. Tate, editor   c2017
Handbook of forensic genetics: biodiversity and heredity in civil and criminal investigation Antonio Amorim and Bruce Budowle, editors   c2017
The ethics and biosecurity toolkit for scientists Judi Sture   c2017
An introduction to molecular ecology Graham Rowe 3rd ed. c2017
Illustrated toxicology : with study questions PK Gupta   c2018
Data analysis for the life sciences with R Rafael A. Irizarry   c2017
Entomology : study of insects edited by Jael Payne   c2017
Molecular and biochemical toxicology Robert C. Smart and Ernest Hodgson, editors 5th ed. c2018
Viruses : molecular biology, host interactions, and applications to biotechnology Paula Tennant   c2018