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National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

New Acquisitions 2020

Genetics : from genes to genomes Leland H. Hartwell [and three others] 6th ed. c2018
Human genetics : concepts and applications Ricki Lewis 12th ed. c2018
Vander's human physiology : the mechanisms of body function Eric P. Widmaier [and three others] 15th ed. c2019
Genetics : analysis of genes and genomes Daniel L. Hartl and Bruce J. Cochrane 9th ed. c2019
Lewin's genes XII Jocelyn E. Krebs, Elliott S. Goldstein, Stephen T. Kilpatrick   c2018
Pratt's essential biochemistry Charlotte W. Pratt and Kathleen Cornely Global ed. [c2018]
Marine biomaterials: characterization, isolation and applications Se-Kwon Kim, editor c2013
Textbook of structural biology Anders Liljas [and five others] 2nd ed. c2017
Handbook of medical statistics Ji-Qian Fang   c2018
Algae: an introduction to phycology C. Van Den Hoek, D.G. Mann and H.M. Jahns   c1995
Genetic counseling : clinical practice and ethical considerations Laura Hercher, Barbara Biesecker, Jehannine C. Austin, editors   c2020
Plant physiology and development Lincoln Taiz [and three others] International 6th ed. c2018