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National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

New Acquisitions 2018

Molecular biology and biotechnology John M. Walker & Ralph Rapley(editors) 4th c2000
Principles of gene manipulation and genomics Sandy B. Primrose & Richard M. Twyman 7th c2006
The immune system Peter Parham 4th c2014
Concepts of genetics Robert J. Brooker 2nd c2016
Forensic DNA evidence interpretation John S. Buckleton, Jo-Anne Bright & Duncan Taylor (editors) 2nd c2016
Plant biotechnology and genetics: principles, techniques, and applications C. Neal Stewart, Jr. (editor) 2nd c2016
Plant genes, genomes, and genetics Erich Grotewold, Joseph Chappell & Elizabeth A. Kellogg   c2015
Proteins: biochemistry and biotechnology Gary Walsh 2nd c2014
Developmental biology Scott F. Gilbert & Michael J. F. Barresi 11th c2016
Campbell biology Lisa A. Urry [and four others] 11th c2017
Biology: a global approach Neil A Campbell [and five others] 11th c2018
Genetics: from genes to genomes Leland H. Hartwell [and three others] 5th c2015
Cell biology: translational impact in cancer biology and bioinformatics Maika G. Mitchell   c2016
Principles of molecular virology Alan J. Cann 6th c2016
Computational methods for next generation sequencing data analysis Ion I. M?ndoiu & Alexander Zelikovsky (editors)   c2016
Industrial biotechnology: sustainable production and bioresource utilization Devarajan Thangadurai & Jeyabalan Sangeetha (editors)   c2017
Molecular biology of RNA David Elliott & Michael Ladomery 2nd c2016
Cellular and molecular immunology Abul K. Abbas, Andrew H. Lichtman & Shiv Pillai 9th c2018
Molecular biotechnology: principles and applications of recombinant DNA Bernard R. Glick & Cheryl L. Patten 5th c2017
Plant pathology and plant pathogens John A. Lucas 3rd c1998
How to measure anything: finding the value of "intangibles" in business Douglas W. Hubbard 3rd c2014
Introduction to drug disposition and pharmacokinetics Stephen H. Curry & Robin Whelpton   c2017
Molecular data analysis using R Csaba Ortutay & Zsuzsanna Ortutay   c2017
The essence of multivariate thinking: basic themes and methods Lisa L. Harlow 2nd c2014
The scientist's guide to writing: how to write more easily and effectively throughout your scientific career Stephen B. Heard   c2016
Live cell imaging : a laboratory manual Robert D. Goldman, Jason R. Swedlow & David L. Spector (editors) 2nd c2010
RNA : a laboratory manual Donald C. Rio [and three others]   c2011