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National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

New Acquisitions 2018

Molecular biology and biotechnology John M. Walker & Ralph Rapley(editors) 4th c2000
Principles of gene manipulation and genomics Sandy B. Primrose & Richard M. Twyman 7th c2006
The immune system Peter Parham 4th c2014
Concepts of genetics Robert J. Brooker 2nd c2016
Forensic DNA evidence interpretation John S. Buckleton, Jo-Anne Bright & Duncan Taylor (editors) 2nd c2016
Plant biotechnology and genetics: principles, techniques, and applications C. Neal Stewart, Jr. (editor) 2nd c2016
Plant genes, genomes, and genetics Erich Grotewold, Joseph Chappell & Elizabeth A. Kellogg   c2015
Proteins: biochemistry and biotechnology Gary Walsh 2nd c2014
Developmental biology Scott F. Gilbert & Michael J. F. Barresi 11th c2016
Campbell biology Lisa A. Urry [and four others] 11th c2017
Biology: a global approach Neil A Campbell [and five others] 11th c2018
Genetics: from genes to genomes Leland H. Hartwell [and three others] 5th c2015