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National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

New Acquisitions 2017

Systems biology: a textbook Edda Klipp [and three others] 2nd c2016
Microbiology and virology Michele Lunardi, Amauri Alcindo Alfieri et al (contributors) c2016
Statistical genetics Pablo D. Reeb, Juan P. Steibel et al. (contributors) c2016
Exploring bioinformatics: a project-based approach Caroline St. Clair & Jonathan E. Visick 2nd c2015
Molecular Cell Biology Harvey Lodish [and seven others] 8th c2016
Kuby immunology Judith A. Owen, Jenni Punt & Sharon A. Stranford 7th c2013
Janeway's immunobiology Kenneth Murphy & Casey Weaver 9th c2017
Cellular and molecular immunology Abul K. Abbas, Andrew H. Lichtman & Shiv Pillai 8th c2015
Molecular biotechnology: principles and applications of recombinant DNA Bernard R. Glick & Jack J. Pasternak 3rd c2003
Protein: biotechnology and biotechnology Gary Walsh c2002
Bioinformatics basics: applications in the biological science and medicine Hooman H. Rashidi & Lukas K. Buehler c2000
A primer of population genetics Daniel L. Hartl 3rd c2000
Campbell biology Jane B. Reece [and five others] 10th c2014
Plant pathology George N. Agrios 5th c2005