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National Institute of Physics

  New Acquisitions 2019

Picturing quantum processes : a first course in quantum theory and diagrammatic reasoning Bob Coecke & Aleks Kissinger   c2017
Schaums's outlines: electomagnetics Joseph A. Edminister & Mahmood Nahvi 4th ed. c2014
Modern elementary particle physics Gordon Kane 2nd ed. c2017
Classical field theory Joel Franklin   c2017
Foundations of nuclear and particle physics T. W. Donnelly [and four others]   c2017
From photon to neuron : light, imaging, vision Philip Nelson   c2017
Optics, light, and lasers : the practical approach to modern aspects of photonics and laser physics Dieter Meschede   c2017
Problem solving in quantum mechanics : from basics to real-world applications for materials scientists, applied physicists, and devices engineers Marc Cahay, Supriyo Bandyopadhyay   c2017
Rays, waves, and scattering : topics in classical mathematical physics John A. Adam   c2017
Halliday & Resnick principles of physics Jearl Walker 10th ed. c2014
Schaum's outline of theory and problems of Lagrangian dynamics : with a treatment of Euler's equations of motion, Hamilton's equations and Hamilton's principle. Dare A. Wells   c1967
Schaum's outline of theory and problems of optics Eugene Hecht   c1975
Schaum's outlines of quantum mechanics Yoav Peleg [and three others] 2nd ed. c2010
Schaum's outline of thermodynamics for engineers Merle C. Potter & Craig W. Somerton 3rd ed. c2014
The standard model in a nutshell David Goldberg c2017
The physical world: an inspirational tour of fundamental physics Nicholas Manton and Nicholas Mee   c2017
Quantum mechanics: an introduction Dennis Morris   c2017
A guide to mathematical methods for physicists : with problems and solutions Michela Petrini, Gianfranco Pradisi, Alberto Zaffaroni   c2018
Computational fluid dynamics : a practical approach Jiyuan Tu, Guan-Heng Yeoh, Chaoqun Liu 3rd ed. c2018
Mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics John von Neumann New ed. c2018
Physics in 50 milestones moments : a timeline of scientific landmarks James Lees   c2017
Nonequilibrium statistical physics Gerd Ropke   c2013
Quantum Monte Carlo programming for atoms, molecules, clusters, and solids Wolfgang Schattke, Ricardo Diez Muiño   c2013
Biophotonics: science and technology Yin Yeh and V.V. Krishnan   c2018
Synchrotron radiation application Xinyi Zhang   c2018
An introduction to geometrical physics Ruben Aldrovandi and Jose Geraldo Pereira 2nd ed. c2017
Kinetic theory and transport phenomena Rodrigo Soto c2016